Business advisory.

So you want to be successful? Running a business is so much more than having just a great product or service. A successful business is all about having the right planning, marketing, accounting, and legal systems in place to allow you to direct your energy where it’s most needed. You need to feel in control of your affairs, and understand where you need to go next. It can be hard to dedicate your time to the planning that you know is needed to really get your business thriving. That’s where we come in.

We can help plan every step of your future, with forecasting, cash flow requirements, risk assessments all being vital parts of a comprehensive business plan. Our plan will leave you with a clear picture of where you need to go next, and how to share this with any potential financers. You want to feel your success will be measurable? We can create key performance indicators (KPI’s) to keep track of where you want to be, and what is needed to get you there. 

We also provide company secretarial services:

  • Company formations – UK and overseas
  • Company searches
  • Providing a registered office
  • Changing company names
  • Purchase by a company of its own shares.
  • Changes in issued Share Capital, and reorganizations of share capital structures
  • Maintaining statutory records & registers
  • Preparing and filing returns
  • Provision of a nominee company secretary

“Erion answers all my questions with great patience and goes out of his way to help you. He even visited my store to help me out with a few things I was struggling with. I would highly recommend.”



Company director

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